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  • £ 25.99

    Native Remedies Fertile XY is a 100% natural supplement to support the health of the male reproductive system, normal testosterone levels and a healthy sperm count and production. Fertile XY has been used for many years to promote health, and systemic balance in the male reproductive system.

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  • £ 24.49

    Native Remedies Ikawe - the Xhosa (a language native to South Africa) word for Warrior - is a 100% safe, non-addictive natural herbal supplement. Ikawe has been used for many years to safely maintain health and systemic balance in the male reproductive system.

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  • £ 26.01

    Native Remedies Endo-Ex is a natural supplement to support female reproductive health, and especially the health of the endometrial lining. Containing herbs in concentrated form for the support of health in the liver and female reproductive system, Endo-Ex is the natural choice for maintaining female menstrual health.

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  • £ 26.99

    Native Remedies Fertile XX is a 100% natural tonic to support female reproductive health and healthy natural ovulation cycles. Fertile XX has been used for many years to safely maintain harmony, health, and systemic balance in the female reproductive system. Fertile XX also supports a healthy uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and reproductive functioning.

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  • £ 9.38

    5 HTP 100mg capsules - natural Amino Acid 5-hydroxytryptophan - is a quick release 5HTP supplement formulated for maximum nutrition retention and absorption from the extracts of Griffonia Seed, a West African plant.  90 Capsules

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  • £ 8.32

    Saw Palmetto 2500mg capsules is a high strength saw palmetto daily health supplement to support urinary tract and prostate health in men.

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  • £ 11.97

    MENOChange Support is a specially formulated herbal blend containing ingredients known to support women during both the menopause stages and before, during and after monthly cycles. It contains a complex of well-known time-tested herbs that are broadly considered to benefit women, providing 9 nutrients to support women's natural hormonal balance.  60 veg...

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  • £ 11.77

    Maca Root is rich in essential minerals, especially selenium, calcium, magnesium, fatty acids including linolenic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acids, and 19 amino acids as well as polysaccharides.  120 Capsules

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  • £ 4.98

    Did you know that cocoa is good for you? Swanson Full Spectrum Cacao is raw cocoa at its best.  400mg per capsule. 60 Capsules per pot.

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  • £ 5.99

    Swanson Gotu Kola an herbal invigorator for the brain and the body. Used for centuries as a memory stimulant by Ayurvedic practitioners, this Asian herb is now popular around the world as a natural way to promote healthy circulation and boost general vitality. 435mg per capsule. 60 Capsules per pot.

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  • £ 3.67

    Full Spectrum Green Oat Grass rich in Calcium and Vitamin B complex, it is a great way to boost bone strength and even works as a herbal supplement to support your nervous system. 400mg per capsule. 60 Capsules per pot. 

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  • £ 3.99

    This ancient Thai sexual stimulant is said to intoxicate the mind and body with powerful thoughts of lust and virility. Step inside the mysterious world of ‘Red Kwao Krua’, as it is known to the locals, and enjoy the benefits of a revitalised libido. 400mg per capsule. 60 Capsules per pot.

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