Secure payment uses the PayPal Payment Gateway for its online credit card transactions.

Paypal was created to serve as an alternative payment method for eBay customers. Since then it has fast become one of the most popular methods of transferring money online since easy registration and usage. Paypal has over 75 Million active accounts worldwide and boasts over 10 million users in the UK alone.

During the payment process, you will be transferred to a secure 128-bit SSL Paypal server to take your credit/debit card details, or you can sign in to an existing account and transfer funds from that instead.

Payments are processed in real-time. does not have access to your full card number, this credit card payment is secured by PayPal.
PayPal has bank grade security. All transaction details are stored in their compliant Data Center.

Additionally, uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection.

What is SSL?

SSL Certificates validate our website identity and encrypt the information that visitors send to, or receive from, our website.
This keeps thieves away from spying on any exchange between you and our shop.